Socially-Conscious Service System Design in the Era of Digital Transformation

SoSDeX (Socially-Conscious Service System Design in the Era of Digital Transformation) is a research project aiming at developing a design method to harmonize digital technologies with our society.

Project Abstract

In recent years, digital technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), human sensing and robotics are evolving rapidly. While service innovation through digitalization is highly expected, the concern about the negative impact to our society is also strong. For realizing socially-responbile service innovation, we need to design digital technology and its usage as a part of service system for each case, considering the impact to multi stakeholders from a long-term perspective.

This project aims at developing a design method for technology-assisted service systems in consideration of multi-faceted, long-term influences to the society. Through this project, we explore a socially-responsible approach in technology implementation which leads to service innovation.


近年、AI、Internet of Things (IoT)、ヒューマンセンシング、ロボット等のデジタル技術が急激に発展しています。デジタル化を通じたサービスイノベーションに対する期待が高まる一方、同技術の社会的悪影響に対する懸念も根強くあります。社会に対し責任あるサービスイノベーションを実現するためには、多様な利害関係者、並びに長期的な影響に配慮し、デジタル技術とその活用方法を、サービス全体のあり方を含め個別にデザインしていくことが求められています。